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Models: MBV, AECF

You’ve taken care to select reliable, long-lasting heating and cooling equipment for your household. Take that attention to quality one step further by choosing an HVAC Direct brand evaporator coil or air handler for your system. HVAC Direct brand evaporator coils and air handlers help ensure that your heating and cooling system will provide your family with reliable, efficient comfort for years to come.



The indoor evaporator coil is installed with your gas or oil furnace and connected to your outdoor cooling unit with copper tubing. During unit operation, warm return air passes over the coil to be cooled and then provided back to the living space. If you use a heat pump to heat and cool your home, it will most likely utilize an air handler. An air handler is comprised of an evaporator coil and a blower, which circulates cooled or heated air throughout your home. (If you are using an air conditioner and furnace system, the blower in your furnace handles this task). When properly matched with your outdoor unit, HVAC Direct brand indoor coils and air handlers significantly improve your system’s performance and help reduce energy costs. They are easy to install, and what’s more, they provide years of quiet and dependable operation.


The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) sets the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry’s standards for performance and efficiency. When you use HVAC Direct brand coils and air handlers, you are getting ARI-certified performance, as well as quality, reliability and comfort.


HVAC Direct evaporator coils are designed to deliver years of efficient cooling. We use highquality, long-lasting copper tubing that withstands the rigors of typical use. The copper tubing is rifled to ensure optimum heat transfer. This durable tubing is mechanically bonded to our aluminum fins. Most models use our enhanced ripple-edged design, giving you even heat transfer that’s efficient and economical. Then, to ensure consistent comfort, every coil is tested three times to detect leaks, and not just the obvious kind. We test for the smallest possible leaks, so small they may only surrender one ounce in ten years. That way, you will never have to worry about costly refrigerant escaping or an unwanted service call to address leak-related system problems.


HVAC Direct brand MBV and AECF Air Handlers blowers feature a variable-speed motor. Now you’re talking about really improving the conditions within the home! The variablespeed motor enables more even distribution of the air from room-to-room and floor-to-ceiling, reducing the likelihood of hot and cold spots in the house.


A warm summer day is fine as long as humidity doesn’t cause you to break into a sweat when walking from your house to the car. The same applies indoors. You’re more comfortable inside your home when the moisture level is lower – just as you are more comfortable outside when it’s not as humid. HVAC Direct systems, particularly those with the variable-speed motor, are designed to improve air comfort by lowering indoor moisture levels. Because the reduced moisture allows you to be more comfortable at higher temperatures, you can actually set your thermostat higher, use less energy and still be comfortable. That translates into a smaller utility bill, and we’re all more comfortable with that, right?


The cabinets for our cased evaporator coils and air handlers are some of the best you can find, built with strong, durable painted steel. To ensure quiet, efficient operation, we equip our cabinets with moisture-resistant, foil-faced insulation. We even designed our drain pans to eliminate condensate retention for better indoor air quality. And all drain pans are made of corrosion-resistant plastic to ensure years of leak-free usage.


As manufacturers of HVAC Direct products, we like to talk about our tradition of quality and long-term commitment to our customers. We back that talk up by attaching an exceptional 10- year limited warranty* on every evaporator coil and air handler. For added security, consider HVAC Direct Extended Service Plan, which provides extended parts and labor coverage for your entire heating and cooling system. Ask your dealer for details.

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Labor Warranty

Select products qualify for an optional 5 or 10 year labor warranty.